March 25, 2008

Mmm mmm good

Mmm mmm good
That's what
State v. Campbell is
Mmm mmm good.
Quick hit: Another case CFAF claims as "pro-criminal" is State v. Campbell. This is also another case where Mike Gableman relies on CFAF's characterization to tar Justice Louis Butler with the false charge that he "sides with criminals 60% of the time."

Justice David Prosser, writing for the majority, AFFIRMS ALL THREE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS before the court. Butler writes a separate opinion, part concurrence, part dissent. Here is the concurring portion of Butler's opinion, in its entirety:
I join that portion of the majority opinion which affirms the judgments of conviction in this case.
Mike Gableman said he was unaware of any study that contradicted CFAF's claims. Was he unaware of State v. Campbell itself? Because it's been floating around since July 12, 2006.

But Gableman is the right man for Wisconsin's highest court. So we're told! I guess I'm not quite buying it. And neither should you.



Fair and balanced newshound Jessica McBride also puts Campbell in the "pro-criminal" column. Why? Because immediately after AFFIRMING ALL THREE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS, Butler wrote "passionately."

Er, what? Wrote what "passionately"?


I kid you not. McBride admits her "judgment call" to portray State v. Campbell as "pro-criminal" (did I mention that Butler AFFIRMED ALL THREE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS?) may be "debatable."

"Don't conflate CFAF with McBride." — Rick Esenberg, 3/28/08

You can't make this shit up, folks.

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