March 16, 2008

Night of broken ass

Via The Chief, the carefully considered backwoods northwoods conservative Republican view of Barack Obama:
Obama keeps saying that he wants change but he will not say what the change is.

In 1933 Germany had a major change in government. We all know how that story ended.
That is by way of — get this — "educating people." The Chief responds appropriately here. Jesse Seymour's favorite book is Harry Potter, so perhaps he is using magickal powerz and crystal ballin' Obama's crimes against humanity. But in the meantime, you want a crime against humanity, check out Seymour's jacket-shirt-tie combo.

Who knew Mein Kampf was about dressing oneself.


Sam Sarver said...

My head is going to explode.

But I'm kinda surprised it wasn't Bill O'Reilly making the Nazi reference, given his well-documented failure at Godwin's Law.

Other Side said...

I questioned his regime change date of 1942 in his comment section. At that point, it was all I could do to stop from laughing.

Did you see his picture. Rather fleshy with thick lips. Somewhat Göringesque. I doubt young Jessie has ever considered being an aviator, though his comments qualify him eminently for membership in a flying circus.

btw: Eselnacht.

illusory tenant said...

Years ago when I used to spend too much time reading a few discussion boards, every once in a while some misbegotten refugee from (they are real Nazis, just ask them) would turn up and start a thread about white supremacy, eugenics, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and what have you.

My favorite reply was always, "Excellent post, but I preferred it in the original German."