March 16, 2008

Help control the Burnett County crime wave

And assist us in keeping the Wisconsin District III Court of Appeals docket free of uncontested traffic tickets. To those ends:

Retain Mike Gableman, Burnett County Circuit Court Judge

Not to appear as a mutual admiration society or anything (because the linked post contains its own link to this here blog) but Sam Sarver at Brazen Maverick made an excellent point this morning:
If Gableman is so good at putting criminals behind bars, why not leave him at his seat in the circuit court, where he can keep putting away bad dudes?
Not to mention "presiding over" 9,000 uncontested traffic tickets. Gableman Fun Fact: Did you know, not a one of those 9,000 uncontested traffic tickets was reversed on appeal!

I still can't get over that. Can you imagine, a self-respecting circuit court judge claiming to have "presided over" uncontested traffic tickets, and then actually counting them towards his calculated percentage of getting upheld versus getting reversed on appeal. It's astounding, truly. I can't possibly be the only one laughing.

Come to think of it, make that two excellent points:
That way, he wouldn't have to deal with all the nuance and subtlety of the State Supreme Court, for which he obviously lacks sufficient patience.
It's my distinct impression that that ain't all he lacks.

Mr. Sarver maintains an exemplary blog, and if he keeps being good, maybe the Brawler and me will let him buy us a drink sometime.

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Sam Sarver said...

Yes, let us all campaign energetically to ensure that Judge Gableman keeps clearing those traffic tickets.

And thanks for the enthusiastic plug, which I'm sure will find its way into a place of honor on my blog.