March 24, 2008

No joy in Titletown for Gableman

Fellow MCTS rider, nascent attorney, and must-read Milwaukee blogger Sam Sarver reports from his hometown, Green Bay, WI on the arch-conservative Green Bay Press-Gazette's plangent endorsement of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler:

Gableman can't make his case

That's not Mr. Sarver's headline (he's got a pro wrestling theme going on now perhaps in preparation for the forthcoming hockey fight theme), but it's a fair distillation of the Press-Gazette's rationale. And it's essentially been mine since December, except nobody's ever accused me of being a conservative Republican.

At least not today, and today is not a good day to be a conservative Republican, especially when your name is Mike Gableman.


Anonymous said...

If memory serves, I think that this paper was the only one statewide that endorsed Annette Ziegler. The fact that they have now endorsed Butler actually says more about Gableman. None of it good.

Sam Sarver said...

I'm not sure about it, Cory, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that they endorsed Ziegler. Or that they were the only paper to do so in the whole state. But, hey, Joe Heller is one heck of an editorial cartoonist, and they're lucky to have him.