October 1, 2010

NRA to license guns like they do with cars and stuff

Item: NRA endorses Ron Johnson


It obviously wasn't for either his understanding of the Second Amendment or the abject dishonesty of his presentations, when Ron Johnson can say things like this with an apparently straight face:
Now in the McDonald case they [the U.S. Supreme Court] ruled that that individual right applies to the States. This is a pretty clear difference between myself and Senator Feingold.
No, this is pretty clearly the nadir of double-speaking absurdity.

It bears repeating — again — that Senator Feingold signed on to a Friend of the Court brief in McDonald, in support of the proposition that that individual right applies to the States. The friends prevailed. So the pretty clear difference between Ron Johnson and Senator Feingold is that had it not been for Senator Feingold and others on the record, Ron Johnson wouldn't even have a McDonald to praise.

Meanwhile Ron Johnson is on the YouTubes saying he only decided to read the Constitution after visiting with the oracle, Dick Morris. To say nothing of the candidate's pontificating — incorrectly — on two vital decisions of the Supreme Court he's evidently not read at all.*

And the NRA falls for all of this incoherent pandering. Sad.

* Ron Johnson's Second Amendment fantasies.

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