October 25, 2010

The Tail-Gunner flourishes yet

No, it's not Mike Gableman this time
Our flag is a symbol for all the true Americans — not the Communists, socialists, fascists, nor others who are opposed to the free-enterprise system.
LETTER: Feingold opposed flag-burning [amendment]*

As a matter of fact, Senator Feingold's position was in accord with Justice Antonin Scalia's. So is Scalia a Communist, a socialist, a fascist, or some "other" opposed to the free-enterprise system?

* As did Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the noted Marxist-Leninist whose cash money free enterprise champion Ron Johnson loves.


gnarlytrombone said...

Also, nothing would be better for the flag bidness than burning flags.

illusory tenant said...

More outsourcing jobs to China.