October 6, 2010

Disinterested burgher or Romish emissary?

RoJo's written testimony bears his finance council credentials
Deacon Tim Reilly, Director of Administration for the Diocese of Green Bay reiterated that [Republican candidate for Senate Ron] Johnson was not speaking specifically on behalf of the church. "He was speaking on his own behalf, as a concerned citizen, that this [proposed legislation] would adversely affect the Catholic School System and the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA and other non-profits without government protection."
(Don't forget Johnson drew specific attention to churches as well.)
That beggars belief, according to experts and clergymen.
Johnson Testified To Protect Church From Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Not a popular position these days, is it.

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Clutch said...

And his opposition to public stem-cell research is motivated purely by considerations of the public good as well, natch.