October 9, 2010

Ron Johnson inducted to Penology Hall of Fame

Ron Johnson (far right) is the first to realize a substantial savings in labor costs through state-subsidized rehabilitative programs while simultaneously posturing as a self-made Randian free marketeer.

The candidate Ron Johnson denounces liberals as "hunger[ing] for power over people" and shouts that it's his "job to make sure the liberals don't succeed." Yet can there be a more progressive liberal social policy preference than to replace the primordial, Mosaic urge toward punishment and retribution with the rehabilitative model?

And it sure comes in handy, doesn't it, when the apparatus of state picks up the tab for your workers' health care insurance premiums.

One thing seems clear, Johnson has figured out how to play both ends of the game to his own favor and has thus far gained a considerable amount of support among those who refuse to see his hypocrisy.

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gnarlytrombone said...

among those who refuse to see his hypocrisy

Actually, there's no one better suited to represent the heavily subsidized, exurban teabagger pharisee.