October 4, 2010

Sharron Angle wants Tea candidate off ballot

More righteous candidate is committed to democratic principles
The conversation reveals Sharron Angle almost desperate ...

Angle represents a breed of non-politician "citizen legislators" bent on removing the career politicians from office, or so we are told. One way to do that, apparently, is strong-arming fellow citizens into staying away from participating in their representative democracy.

Liberals tried to convince Ralph Nader to step aside from the 2000 presidential ballot on the grounds he would siphon off Al Gore votes,* but I don't recall Al Gore himself making the direct appeal to Nader.

Speaking of conservatives obstructing democracy, here's Scott Walker back in the day doing his damnedest to keep David Duke off the 1992 Republican presidential primary ballot in Wisconsin:
Walker couldn't have done a very convincing job, because all of the dozen or so telephone calls moderator Joe Smith fields are in favor of Duke's being free to exercise his democratic rights, regardless of what the callers think of Duke's views.
Link: Clarence Thomas was a Black Panther

Evidently Scott Walker has been a career politician since birth. And of course the anti-career politician Ron Johnson hates career politicians so much that he gave Scott Walker ten thousand dollars.

And these are the "principled" candidates.

* Turned out it was actually Pat Buchanan.

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