October 1, 2010

Ron Johnson, a lactose tolerant free marketeer

Strident Randian of recent yore is today's emphatic New Dealer

"I realize that the farm economy doesn't necessarily follow free market — doesn't work all that well because you’ve got a bumper crop and prices really drop," said Ron Johnson "So I certainly support safety net, risk management [government] programs and I think most Americans agree with that as well."

Has RoJo enunciated any principle that didn't turn out to be a sham?

'The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 is my foundational book.'


Anonymous said...

Gay Attorney Picks Mega Farms Over The Family Farm.

(Wow, making up headlines is fun.)

illusory tenant said...

Er ... what?

Grant said...

If the goal is a libertarian Senate, should round up a bunch of 13-yr-old hackers. They'd be more principled and a helluva lot smarter.

Clutch said...

Er ... what?

Allow me:

So what if RoJo espouses a general principle the entire point of which is to favor market efficiencies characteristic of corporate large-scale enterprises over small bakeries, small hardware stores, small bookstores, small sports stores, and the small-town general store, but then says it's totally different when the principle makes it hard on farmers? It's not hypocrisy because, jeez! what sets farmers apart is that they have families! Oh, and also, u r gay.

illusory tenant said...

Haha thanks.