October 5, 2010

Ron Johnson misrepresents a WPRI poll

But the ensuing double negative can't improve things

There's an awful lot of baloney-slicing in this account (bottom line: Ron Johnson is full of it) but one amusing tidbit stands out:
[UW poli sci prof Ken] Goldstein, who ran the WPRI poll cited in the Johnson ad, said the campaign's language did not accurately summarize the question he posed. He noted the wide disagreement among policy experts over whether the Democrats' legislation was a "government takeover."*
Yeah, you don't want to mess with Goldstein and the WPRI's polls; they're a little touchy since their school voucher "fiasco" got busted.

In fairness, Ron Johnson's only been following politics since May when Dick Morris told him to on Fox News, so he wouldn't have known.

* That particular "wide disagreement" strikes me more as one between objective observers and hysterical propagandists.

For an example of the latter, look no further than WPRI's own "senior fellow" Christian Schneider, who recently claimed proposed health care reforms were "a complete federal government takeover of health care," and featuring "the government dictating to individuals what doctors they can see and what procedures they can get."

All of those would be false even if he was talking about Canada.

The WPRI "senior fellow," by the way, was delivering those hysterical propagandas on behalf of none other than Ron Johnson. On behalf of the so-called "nonpartisan" WPRI. Then fluffered by Charlie Sykes.**

So there are good reasons to fix that outfit with a jaundiced eye.

** The AM yeller's editorial contribution was a picture of a toilet, in predictable accordance with his coprophilia/coprophobia themes.

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Grant said...

an awful lot of baloney-slicing

I wonder if the "obnoxious, overliteral twit at the end of the bar" house style was focus-grouped.