October 23, 2010

Liberals in denial, continued

Van Hollen also was wrong to seek to join other attorneys general in a lawsuit over the individual mandate in the new federal health care law. Van Hollen claims the legislation "was a clear case of federal overreach" for requiring citizens to buy health insurance. We'd say it's Van Hollen who is overreaching.
— Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial.

The truth is, Van Hollen's been spot on the money so far. And the AG can expect more vindication forthcoming from Virginia by year's end.

HCR is in trouble, and not from Ron Johnson's silly cries of "repeal." Congress may regulate commerce, but it seems doubtful Congress may coerce into existence the commerce it's empowered to regulate.

And if the federales' taxing power argument keeps failing as hard as it did in Florida, then that coercion into existence is all it's got left.

It may be necessary, but is it proper? It's got to be both.

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