October 21, 2010

Not to put too fine a point on it

Screw Juan Williams.

I toggled past Bill O'Reilly for a few moments this evening, and there was Juan Williams, crying like a baby over his new $2m contract.

And also from the department of not to put too fine a point on it:


John Foust said...

I saw it coming a mile away. Didn't everyone?

illusory tenant said...

Getting fired was a good career move.

Clutch said...

Fired for telling it like it is!

Like when Real Americans get nervous when a black man gets on the bus! Can't you even say that any more?

Oh, sorry. Scratch that one. But the Muslim thing -- hey, just telling it like it is!

illusory tenant said...

Is "Muslims scare me" even an opinion?

John Foust said...

Compare and contrast opinion and feeling.

illusory tenant said...

They should have fired him because he refused an assignment to go interview some Muslims on an airplane.