October 21, 2010

Norbert accords Feingold a Nate Silver bump

The incipient rebound?

Silver weights Norbert with more oomph than the 9/29 Rasmussen.

And, Silver's "538 regression" model shows Feingold ahead by 4.5.

Ron Johnson can't be relishing the prospect of a 90-minute encounter with Russ Feingold and the formidable Mike Gousha tomorrow night.

Mike Gousha doesn't let slide much evasion or many non-answers, both of which are Ron Johnson's stocks-in-trade (necessarily).


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...you were saying something?


illusory tenant said...

Not surprising. Silver's been showing WISEN "leaning Republican" for weeks, although the NYT hasn't colored its map pink: it's still "toss up." And Cook doesn't show its work, unless you pay. So what was it that made Cook put WISEN to "leaning Republican"? The only poll since CNN/OR has been Norbert, which doesn't justify Cook's move.