October 30, 2010

Feingold ironies noted

By both a Capital Times editor and reader:
And let's take that irony one step further. Ron Johnson claims his biggest asset is that he's a "self-made businessman" who hates health care reform. Except that RoJo:
1. Married into his money and his CEO position, and had a large portion of his sales go to other family-related businesses.

2. Took low-interest loans and other government assistance to help his company, but claims that all of these moves are bad for everyone else.

3. Despises the public option, but saves money for his company by having employees be covered under Badger Care ... which is the State equivalent of the public option!
I know the polls are bad in this race ... but if this State is foolish enough to pick a dishonest GOP rubber stamp like RoJo over the real deal in Feingold, this State is not what I have previously known it to be.
And this morning the New York Times reports that, "Not long ago, most Americans had scarcely heard of Yemen," the shipping origin of bombs discovered on cargo airplanes the other day.

But Senator Feingold has been warning about Yemen's potential as a launching ground for international terrorism at least since 2002.

In 2002, RoJo was counting up the hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payment savings he realized through state-structured industrial revenue bonds, the same kind he now criticizes specifically where they're offered to a manufacturer of electrical transformer insulation, a business in all practical effects identical to his own.

That's not mere irony, that's flat-out hypocrisy.


sofa said...

Feingold supports redistribution of wealth and ObamaCare: Feingold is a communist.

Anyone but a communist.
Anyone. Warts and All.

illusory tenant said...

Maybe you're mistaking commonwealth for communist.

sofa said...

Feingold's record shows him supporting nationalisation of industries (automotive and healthcare), and the forced redistribution of wealth from the productive class to the banksters (TARP, Stimulus) and to the dependency class (social programs to the 53% who live off the work of others).

Using force to redistribute wealth and nationalisation of industries are both hallmarks of communism.

As the facts are uncontested, as they match the dictionary definition of communism, I stand by the observation: Feingold is a communist.


illusory tenant said...

Feingold voted against the TARP. The GM loans came out of that money. And there is no nationalization of any industry in the HCR bill. Check your Troubled Facts Relief Program.

sofa said...

Feingold voted for the 'Stimulus' and 'Obamacare'.

Stimulus= Forced Redistribution of Wealth= Communism.

Obamacare allows busineeses to exist only as long as they fall in line with a new national agenda, as dictated by political masters.

Checking Yahoo! I found this: "Fascism is a political system in which rights are granted - or not - by the State. This contrasts to the concepts stated in the Declaration of Independence recognizing that the people hold all rights naturally, and government is only granted permission to carry out legitimate functions. Under fascism, since the state holds all rights, it also retains control over the production of goods, and services."

So Obamacare is Facism.
I stand corrected.

That makes Feingold a communist who has no problem supporting Facism.

Dictionary meets reality.


Note: Feingold voted against TARP and against the Patriot Act. His statements against the Patriuot act were outstanding. His statements about TARP, less so. His recent communism and suport for facism are very troubling.

If he re-reads his own words against the Patriot act, he will re-discover our Constitution. Looking in the mirror, he will see that he has now become repugnant to that Constitution.


sofa said...

Another definition of facism: "a centralized totalitarian and nationalistic government that strictly controls finance, industry, and commerce."

Looks like our new overlords, supported by Feingold.

gnarlytrombone said...

The Bircher anachro-captialist blather tastes rather stale the second go-around, especially without the birther sauce.

illusory tenant said...

sofa, it's encouraging you're just learning about fascism today by looking at Yahoo.com.

John Foust said...

I'll never forget the way Sofa protested the last three wars with that same argument. Bush was a Communist, too, right?

sofa said...

Note that my point about facism goes uncontested.
I await your arguing with a dictionary.
Facism: "a centralized totalitarian and nationalistic government that strictly controls finance, industry, and commerce."


Both Bush's were socialists.
I'll let you look that up for yourselves.

Pete Gruett said...

So the problem with fascist Germany was economic? Because I thought it was the whole pathological xenophobia, holocaust and imperialism thing. We should probably tear up the interstate highway system just to be safe.

illusory tenant said...

Feingold is a fascist because he opposed Bush's socialist policies. I think I have it straight now.

sofa said...

Yes. Facist disagree with Socialists.

Mussolini started as a socialist, but was expelled from the socialist party. Facism was more his style.

When he came to power in Italy, his first major programs were a "Green Revolution" and huge government subsidies. Mussolini pushed for government control of business: by 1935, Mussolini claimed that three quarters of Italian finance, banks, and heavy industry was under state control. He used a 'corporative system' uniting trade unions under government control.

Any of this sound familiar?

illusory tenant said...

Yes, the subsidies remind me of Ron Johnson.

sofa said...

Pete - Yes, Germany came under 'National SOCIALIST' control due to mostly economic reasons. Once there, facism put the businesses under government control: Facism.

Funny how lefties wanting to push socialism HARD, end up being facists. And then other lefties call them 'right-wingers'. roflmao.

Lefty doublespeak is so transparent. The movie "1984" is on TV tommorrow. Reading the book is another option.

illusory tenant said...

Now you're going to tell us George Orwell was a Republican.

sofa said...

George was a devote Socialist, but he worried about what socialism inevitably led to: Communism and Facism.

History has shown that George had reason to worry.

Facism killed roughly 20 million people within their own countries; fellow citizens.

But in the 20th Century, Communists killed 100 million - 140 million within their own countries; their own citizens. Here's one accounting:
Here's another:

Communism surely killed 100 million people, and might have killed as many as 140 million people.

George had plenty of reason to worry. As do we, today.

Socialism, Communism, Facism are all incompatible with Western Civilization.
It's that simple.
So we're saying "Hell No!"


sofa said...

America's flirtation with socialism, and fascio-communism is coming to an end.


John Foust said...

Weird. Prof. Shh 'n Shh made the same mistake by spelling it "facist". If that's Rick, he's been drinking.