October 18, 2010

GOPer goon squad's business license was expired

Quite the operation this character is running.

"Polls suggest that voters have grown less fond of Mr. Miller."

So the country hasn't completely lost its mind ... yet.

New campaign slogan:
M-U-R-K-O: Close enough to discern voter intent

Goon Squad


Clutch said...

Quite the operation this character is running.

Update #3 from that link takes you to Anchorage Daily News footage of the thugs in action.

Bullies, liars, cowards, shitbags.

I hope they go to jail and pay a civil settlement out their asses.

illusory tenant said...

Much, much more here.

Clutch said...

The thing I like about the ADN video is about 2/3 through when one of the lying shitbag thugs -- pushing forward, clearly initiating contact -- tries to claim that the woman in the clip ran into him.

She shitcanned the lie right away, but it was a lovely window of insight into the claim that Hopfinger had "assaulted" one of the security thugs in the first place.

Unbelievable stuff. Stand by for crickets chirping from the allegedly moderate Right, though.

gnarlytrombone said...

That lying shitbag thug would be the owner of the company. Also note how he threatens to whip out more handcuffs for more citizen arrestery (though too meek to do it in front of an actual cop) without the slightest whiff of "lawbreaking."