October 19, 2010

Feingold supporters trumpet St. Norbert poll

As well they should, but I wouldn't get too excited about one result from a sample size of 402 with a margin of error of +/- 5%.*

If it turns out to signal a reversal of the recent trending in Ron Johnson's favor, then excitement would be appropriately in order.

As more voters begin to pay attention to the election they should justifiably be inclined to perceive Ron Johnson as a double-talking charlatan, something a few of us noticed as far back as May when the Fox News candidate, having just recently dismounted a Tea Party podium where he'd been shouting about evil liberals clamping down on free speech, ungraciously tore down the campaign posters of his Republican primary rivals from the wall at the WISGOP convention.

Here's one such elector.

* Several of the so-called national pundits have already written Senator Feingold off, but I wouldn't trust any of them either.


Anonymous said...

As much as I desperately want Feingold to win (as well as Barrett), I just do not see it happening. We may be simply kidding ourselves. I am prepared for both to lose, but will be pleasantly surprised if they come from behind.

Continue the good work!!!

concernedcitizen, regular JSOnline blogger

Jake formerly of the LP said...

True that it is quite the small sample size. But it's still noteworthy, especially when you see that it's a landline-only poll, which generally gives GOPs a 5-6 point advantage.

Polls in general have been way off in demographics, probably because the media wants it to be so, since crazy Teabaggery and "close" elections are good for ratings. This is the start of the Feingold "surge" into the lead that will result as Razzy and co. have to try to replace agenda-setting with actual reporting and interpretation.