January 20, 2011

Van Hollen: Governor Doyle saved us a mint

'Scott Walker is not the boss of me.'

Here's Wisconsin's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on the YouTubes jawboning with the Fox News Network's Greta Van Susteren about how excited he is to have the approval of his current governor, Scott Walker, to join a Florida lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.

"As a practical matter," advises Van Susteren, "it doesn't cost you a dime to join in this, or even if you didn't join in it and the States won, you would reap the benefits of it, at least the benefits as you see it," while AG Van Hollen nods in agreement throughout.

As to Van Susteren's inquiring what substance Van Hollen can bring to an action that is already this far along, Van Hollen claims a "critical mass" is achieved where 26 U.S. States are listed as plaintiffs.

That's nonsense, obviously, as more parties voicing the exact same argument doesn't confer on that argument any additional validity.

In fact the AG just got done stipulating to as much with the Fox host.

Van Hollen goes on to plead that "it could have been political suicide, quite frankly" when he asked the former governor of Wisconsin if he could join the suit. That executive dismissed Van Hollen's request way back in March 2010, calling it "a frivolous and political attempt to thwart the actions of Congress and the law of the country."

Turns out Democratic Governor Jim Doyle saved Wisconsin a pile of time and money, according to Van Hollen's own nodding admissions.

And apparently the attorney general is now busy making the rounds — of Fox News, because he'll be back on there again this morning.

Bonus video: JBVH yelling at a Tea Party. "Fight ... kill ... fight."

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