January 11, 2011

Early Scott Walker "tort reform" notices mixed

Here's Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, already placed on the defensive versus the elderly and the disabled, via the State Journal:

"But Walker and other supporters say the legislation will make the State more business friendly and fight so-called frivolous lawsuits. Walker said the bill would improve the 'regulatory climate' and 'lawsuit climate' hindering economic growth in the State."

Hello? Is there a communications director in the house?

This will be an entertaining debate to follow. Walker published his proposed revisions last week and early on is facing the criticism of affected plaintiffs,* but all he musters in response is sloganeering.

Granted, these are not the easiest concepts to explain, let alone sell. So what will be intriguing is to see whether Walker can do either.

* Et al.


Anonymous said...

Nobody told him that when he wins he has to govern.

Free Lunch said...

You need a political tin ear to take the side of nursing homes againt grandma.

There are a couple of decent reform ideas in there, but a lot of dross. Maybe the FitzBrothers can become the real governor and do better.