January 7, 2011

Sad Ron Johnson is sad

Dateline DC: "Ron Johnson said today he's unhappy."
"My understanding of the standard procedure in the judicial nomination process is that the Administration extends the courtesy of consulting the home state Senators before nominating an individual to the courts," Ron Johnson, who took office on Wednesday, said in a statement.
In a startling abandonment of current Tea Party protocol, Ron Johnson failed to cite the constitutional provision that requires the president to seek the advice of individuals who aren't even Senators yet (the nominations were submitted on the preceding Monday).
Johnson said he's currently opposed to both nominations.
Big surprise from Johnson, who testified last year the mere thought of Barack Obama nominating federal judges made him "depressed."

So consider Ron Johnson consulted. And still sad: Pass the tissues.

Meanwhile Ron Johnson's Tea-Fox-Republican fellow travelers in the U.S. House of Representatives got themselves so excited about grandstanding astride the Constitution* they reportedly both cast unconstitutional votes and violated the Congressional rules of ethics.

* PC-Expurgated version.

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