January 29, 2011

Scott Walker accused of voter suppression

By the very editorialist scribes who endorsed his candidacy:
Photo ID advocates say the measure isn't about voter suppression. We say: Prove it.
Got that? The burden is on Governor Scott Walker to demonstrate that he's not trying to suppress the vote by requiring photo ID.

A reader sympathizes:
The GOP won't stop until only white, male property-owners can qualify to vote.
Or, more politely, restoring the "original intent of the Framers."

In other constitutional news, the WPRI senior fellow Mike Nichols is "nauseated" by the Sixth Amendment right to assistance of counsel.

I've heard it said many times that among the most strident proponents of the document are a number who soon lose their stomach once they begin taking into account its implications.

The rest are liberals.

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xoff said...

Nichols is on to something. Think of how much taxpayer money we could save if we didn't even give that guy a trial.