January 12, 2011

Great moments in inappropriate metaphors

If you liked the crosshairs, you'll love the blood libel.

Because dredging up thousand-year-old religious hatreds has traditionally been accepted as the initial step toward healing.

Sarah Palin purports* to be an aspiring political leader.

* Her word: Whereas the blood libel against Palin is very real, condemnations of Saturday's violence are merely "purported."

It's clear now who the real victim is. Good to know.

eta: "Conservative thinkers" victims of "ongoing pogrom"


Free Lunch said...

Sarah is always a victim (though of herself, not of all those people who are picking on her).

Heraldblog said...

Meanwhile, the brain-injured congresswoman from Tucson can open her eyes, so the comparisons to Terri Schiavo can start any minute now.