January 29, 2011

Ayn Rand on the dole

Novelist secured SS and Medicare under an assumed name

And advised everybody else not to. How unique. Wisconsin politicians Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson are both very great fans of Ayn Rand.


Display Name said...

Faced with questions from her loyal fanbase of college kids, she was asked about whether it was acceptable to receive student aid. She explained that only those who opposed student aid were worthy of receiving it, and that those who thought they were due were the ones who didn't deserve it.

Got that? Logic followed? Or as she put it , "Those who advocate public scholarships, have no right to them; those who oppose them, have."

I've heard of folks who salve their guilt about taking government handouts (be it farm payments or rail-siding subsidies or whatever) by saying it's their repayment for unjust taxes or payments they've previously made, but I've yet to meet one who actually kept an accounting of such, and who stopped taking it once the account was balanced.

Heraldblog said...

Paul Ryan collected social security payments when he was 16.