January 1, 2011

Dick Clark translator

I never had a problem understanding Dick Clark. What he said was, "Who put that insufferable 'hip musings' knucklehead on the radio?"*

h/t Whallah!

* Answer: Charlie Sykes.


Mr. Obvious said...

Hello , text message from Mr. Obvious.
there aren't enough real things in the news and on other blogs for you to get weird about? This only makes you look silly. The man (who 9 times outta 10 is annoying as hell, bigoted, and mean) obviously was not calling for a hit on Dick Clark (who btw is an ass) he was saying what any sane person has been saying for years - get someone else to do the New Years Eve gig.
Replace him cuz he sucks and has sucked for many years. Not kill him, right? Why deliberately misconstrue meaning this badly when you know readers will click to the original and you'll just look like a pinhead? don't get it. Junk like this (on either side) just makes the whole activity of opinion blogging look like trash.
If this was some super-sad attempt at Onion-eque humor, 'twas an epic fail, ne?

illusory tenant said...

obviously was not calling for a hit on Dick Clark

I never said he was. Take that up with Mr. Whallah. What I said is Dick Clark may be justifiably as puzzled by Harris's presence on the airwaves as Harris is of Dick Clark's.

Display Name said...

At least Dick Clark didn't beg.