January 11, 2011

A Scott Walker privatization success story

Former Milwaukee County executive's "budget crisis" was a fake
The ruling calls for immediately hiring back the laid-off county workers with back pay, with any unemployment compensation or wages from a new job subtracted. It also called for a guarantee of at least 180 days of work — the amount of time that [the arbitrator] said should have been given to the security guards' union to react to Walker's privatization plan.
And the arbitrator said Walker grossly overstated the savings of his move to replace county employees with Wackenhut contractors.

Much more here.

Scott Walker has since left Milwaukee for Madison, the State capitol, where he plans to privatize the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

If Walker can botch a $125K county cost estimate by 53 thousand dollars (42%), just think what Governor Walker can do with millions.

Also, Wisconsin's leading authority on the law of evidence is none too impressed with Walker's adjustments to the State law of evidence.

Blinka's office is about two blocks from Walker's old one. You'd think Walker might have dropped by to gain some insight. Evidently not.

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Jason Haas said...

I think I had more exposure to tort law than Walker by virtue of my wife taking the torts class at MU School of Law from Professor Blinka. She spoke very highly of him. (Blinka, that is,)