January 3, 2011

WISGOP's Reince Priebus in unbelievable outrage

By all accounts, Reince Priebus ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
— "Liberty Pundit"

Reince Priebus, the WISGOP chairperson who is seeking to dethrone his former best buddy and current top RNC gaffe machine Michael Steele in an election this month, has got the Base in an uproar again.

Here is Gateway Pundit proprietor Jim Hoft hooting it up via Andrew Breitblart's BigGovernment.com:
The leading candidate in the race — Reince Priebus's law firm supports Obamacare and says its constitutional!
I don't believe Reince Priebus's law firm is the leading candidate in the race, but that's close enough for the Base, apparently.
Yes, you read that correctly.
(Shame about its not being written correctly.)
Reince Priebus's law firm supports Obamacare and says its constitutional.
Boldface (and typo) in original.

This space had found a similar entertainment earlier:

Reince, Priebus & Pelosi LLP.

Arguably fallacious as it is to assign to Reince Priebus his law firm's statement, it's amusing on several levels to see the nut-right deliberately mishandle this information against one of their own.

On the other hand, when the Base discovered Priebus was the "co-author" of a document advising clients on how to obtain the hated federal stimulus funds, another conservative accused Priebus of "scrambl[ing] to scrub" the attribution from the firm's website.

And on a third hand, the firm's advice that the suits challenging Obamacare "have no merit" is mildly comical on its own and I can certainly understand that advice riling the Base especially now that two of the suits challenging the constitutionality of one of its operative provisions are nearing the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal.

Several RNC hopefuls debate today. Fox News says it will be ugly.*

h/t Breitblart: Outrageous ... unbelievable.

* But spells Priebus's name every way except for correctly.

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