January 11, 2011

Coarseness of debate more recent than reported

After learning yesterday that Journal Communications, Inc. was seeking ostensibly to mitigate "the coarseness of our country's recent political debate," I tuned to JCI's flagship medium wave radio station, 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee. I can only stand a few minutes of the subject drek, but apparently the clip goes on for a quarter of an hour.

Samples from the first 75 seconds:
This lunatic, moron, left-wing pothead fanatic who loved all of the left-wing literature ... Why don't we have Congressmen banning Wicca in the army? ... The man was a stonehearted Devil worshiper ... The day Obama took power, poison politics took power in America. Obama has poisoned the body politic with his Marxist-Leninism. That's the poison politics.
Et cetera. (FYI: Marxist-Leninism = left wing.)

I'm not suggesting Jared Lee Loughner hasn't merited a large degree of invective, or that the press coverage of Saturday's horrific events was perfectly objective throughout, or even that there isn't some twisted veracity to M. Savage's contention that "conservative radio was a reaction to the poison politics of the left wing in this country," but it's painfully disingenuous for JCI to bemoan the "coarseness" of political debate while it's airing this clown's rants three hours a night.

In addition to its other similarly-minded "personalities."

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Thank you for calling this out. I am not fooled by the J-S's crocodile tears on this issue. Until they put their money where their mouth is and make an effort to clean up their programming, it's empty rhetoric.

And we might have to make them do that by hitting em where it counts.