January 10, 2011

Van Hollen: To be or try to be

J-S headline: "State to join federal health lawsuit, Van Hollen says"

But see J-S body copy: "State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen told the Associated Press that Wisconsin will try to join a federal lawsuit in Florida against the law along with three other states."

Attorney General Van Hollen has yet to explain what additional persuasiveness Wisconsin's participation can bring to the lawsuit, other than this: "I really do believe it makes a difference," he said.

Not so likely, at this point.

eta: In a later revision to the story, Van Hollen told the paper he'd assign two attorneys on a "very part-time" basis, sounding an awful lot like an admission he's got little or nothing substantive to add.

So, symbolism or shambolism, you make the call.

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