January 14, 2011

Jeff Stone, he's the photo ID guy

Dept. of glass houses:
Just hours before the deadline for challenges, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has identified hundreds of invalid signatures submitted by Scott Walker clone and GOP candidate Jeff Stone in the race for Milwaukee County Executive. Of 2,888 submitted signatures, the DPW identified 653, 26% of the total, that were invalid under Wisconsin statutes.
"A Republican bill, sponsored by Jeff Stone, would require voters to show photo identification at the polls." — Channel3000

h/t WisDems.


Heraldblog said...

It's not unusual for a percentage of signatures to be disallowed. Anybody have an idea of what a typical rejection rate is? A friend of mine just circulated a petition to get on the ballot for a county board seat. He needed 200 sigs, and collected 300.

illusory tenant said...

Any idea what a typical rejection rate is?

Probably about 10000 times rate of "voter fraud."