January 8, 2011

GOP foxes guarding the hen-basement

Lawyer: Residency depends on habitual location of unconsciousness
"He used to live on the third floor, but that's another storey."
— attributed to Jerome Lester Horwitz
Freshly minted 44th District Republican Assemblyperson* Joe Knilans's home is in the 45th Assembly District, but Knilans says he'd been dwelling in his brother's 44th District basement for at least ten days in advance of his official swearing-in, as Wisconsin law requires:
Knilans claims a Voting Address of 1516 Winchester Place ... [but] the City of Janesville Property Assessor records indicate that the property does not have a finished basement ...
Complaint (.pdf).
Because [Republican] Joe Knilans has been sworn in, the [Republican] attorney general's office would likely pass on its findings to [Republican] leaders in the [Republican-controlled] State Assembly to determine if Knilans is qualified to serve.
Janesville Gazette: Peripatetic pol pulls up stakes one more time

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* Mr. Knilans is a sponsor of this property relocation proposal.


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