February 4, 2010

West Bend: Fix what godless Bush judge broke

I support creationism being taught in the classroom, however, I don't want to stop there. I'd like to see alchemy taught alongside the theory of "chemistry," astrology alongside "astronomy," magic alongside "physics" and phrenology alongside "neurology."
Via Mpeterson.

The federal court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, where West Bend is located, is not required to follow Kitzmiller v. Dover, which came out of the Middle District of Pennsylvania. But it does contain a persuasively substantial record of "intelligent design" creationism's vacuity and the deliberate ignorance of its proponents.

On the other hand, in the (highly unlikely) event a federal court in Wisconsin found contrary to Kitzmiller, the conflict might provide the impetus to put "intelligent design" before the U.S. Supreme Court.

See also: West Bend creationists ran amok in '82
The film that started it all shows several geologists testifying that [human] footprints had been found in the same piece of stone in Texas' Biloxi River as dinosaur prints, a discovery that would change the generally accepted picture of man's beginnings.
That old Milwaukee Journal item, by the way, is a typical example of a reporter placing ludicrous creationist assertions alongside scientific evidence as if both are equally legitimate and valid. They aren't.

eta: Zealots on the Left:
Kids should know that there are alternate theories out there if they are to have a well rounded education. But I don't think it's appropriate for teachers to drill down on any particular creationist theory.
The author appears to be desperately unfamiliar with the issues. Science is neither a partisan pursuit nor is there any such thing, by definition, as a "creationist theory." And accusing one of zeal for her defense of evidence and reason is not a particularly effective insult. But, yeah, kids should know there are dissembling crazies out there.

As should voters. And let's not forget who brought this whole deal up in the first place: The Eagle Forum, not exactly "zealots on the Left."


Clutch said...

West Bend creationists ran amok in '82

Bianchi Randonneur, $420... Want!

illusory tenant said...

Buy Wisconsin.

Free Lunch said...

Judge Jones's opinion is an excellent example of how trial judges should write opinions in cases like this. He is careful, sensible, and deals properly with each of the issues of the case (and tells the prosecutor that a few people should have been indicted for lying during the events in question, though the prosecutor failed to do anything about this misbehavior). Unlike Scalia, he understands that an assertion is not an argument.

Grant said...

typical example of a reporter placing ludicrous creationist assertions alongside scientific evidence

Word. And now the last excuse for that BS - maintaining market share - has exploded. Like this guy says:

"If you're a newspaper editor trying to figure out what to do, think less about unbundling your content and more about unbundling your metro geography and its communities of interest.

"If you offered me a local newspaper (online and in print) that was written and edited for people with my worldview and interests, I'd be much more likely to love it. Editing the same story for rational people AND people who don't believe in evolution is a great way to make everyone unhappy."

illusory tenant said...

Creationists complained that Judge Jones appropriated large swaths of the ACLU's legal briefs into his opinion -- which is true, and a common practice -- but what did they expect him to do? Spend another three months rewriting them? That William Dembski responded to Kitzmiller by producing his celebrated farting Flash animation pretty much says it all.

Grant said...

If nothing else, it's fun watching dear Mr. Robinson et al feign open-mindedness. It's about as believable as Walter Matthau in drag.

illusory tenant said...

I could understand the casual indifference if these people were running for something other than a public school board.

Grant said...

Touché. Let me rephrase sans cuteness. The diversity argument, like the Roberts Court's "color blindness," is transparent BS but strangely effective in some quarters. These people would no more tolerate a teaching of Islamic cosmology than satanic ritual.

illusory tenant said...

No doubt. By the way, just to be clear, I hadn't meant your casual indifference, I meant the casual indifference of anybody that pooh-poohs the significance of creationists aspiring to seats on public school boards.