February 20, 2010

Hopeless McIlheran still tapping out a column

Also, it was a very important point about abortion, also.
Rom Houben is communicating quite well, thank you, by tapping out messages on electronic equipment. He’s writing a book about the experience.
The hopeless case who is now tapping out a book

Well, no:
Dr Steven Laureys, one of the doctors treating Houben, acknowledged that his patient could not make himself understood after all. Facilitated communication, the technique said to have made Houben's apparent contact with the outside world possible, did not work, Laureys declared.
Brain-damaged patient proved unable to communicate

This has been another installment of P. McIlheran, Man of Science.

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Display Name said...

Facilitated communication was a form of ghost writing all along.

And every geek knows you can't write to Rom.