February 5, 2010

Study was skewed even before it was skewed

Then it didn't skew back, it skewed further.

Scot Ross:
At least three of the four large high schools participating in the private voucher program have pre-admission screening, allowing them to reject students, unlike public schools, which thankfully accept all students.
Where measuring achievement, it's always handy to be able to pre-select based on the stronger likelihood of that achievement.


Ralph said...

For a minute I thought you were writing about another global warming study.

illusory tenant said...

Very good.

Clutch said...

I thought you meant a study that left out the vast swathe of rulings where a justice concurred with most other justices, and concluded that, of the cases where there was disagreement, that justice sometimes disagreed.

Since that's, like, totally competent statistical method, I can't really see what your beef is with this case.