February 11, 2010

How Fox News lies

Toe-sucking Fox News contributor Dick Morris told Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy this morning that "we" (Fox News and the Republican Party are interchangeable entities — they don't bother maintaining any pretense of it being otherwise) can sweep the 2010 U.S. Senate elections in part because former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson leads the incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold by three points in some Republican poll. They even put up a chart.

Except Thompson isn't running.


Free Lunch said...

Tommy has pretty flexible political views and the Tea brains would be trying to get him out of Congress if he were there, but Wisconsin GOP does want him to run again. Who cares if he was a big spender who hid a lot of deficits and left Scott McCallum and Jim Doyle with a catastrophic budget problem? Who cares if he was run out of Washington because of his incompetence in the Cabinet? Who cares if he is too old and getting too rich off his old connections?

We in Wisconsin as a whole like him. We really like him. We either have no clue what he did as governor or just don't care.

Ordinary Jill said...

I think people are nostalgic for the Thompson years for the same reasons that they are nostalgic for the (concurrent) Clinton years -- the economy seemed strong; most people had a decent job and disposable income; we weren't involved in any wars. There is a certain amount of magical thinking among voters who believe that bringing back the executive who presided over the good times will also bring back the good times.

illusory tenant said...

Back in the day, when Reagan was reading the TelePrompter.