February 26, 2010

Terrence Wall admits he's unfit for federal office

GOP man "appalled" by his own electoral failures
"No. No. No," announces Republican, as if by rote

It's fatuous enough that pumpkin farmer Terrence Wall, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has been denouncing Russ Feingold's honesty and integrity. Even Senator Feingold's most defiant political opponents concede him both of those qualities.

Now Terrence Wall, speaking to Milwaukee's fundamentalist Christian teevee station WVCY, is "appalled" that former State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler has been nominated to the federal court for the Western District of Wisconsin. Appalled! I tell you.
Jim Schneider: One of the nominations that's pending before the Senate at this very moment, just passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is Louis Butler, former Supreme Court justice here in the State of Wisconsin. You're sitting on the Senate. Would you be voting to confirm Justice Butler, or not.

Terrence Wall: No. [See "No, Party of."]

Schneider: Would not meet your criteria?

Wall: No. [Ibid.]

Schneider: Twice rejected by voters here in the State of Wisconsin.

Wall: I think it's appalling to think that we would, uh, appoint a justice [sic] to the court that failed to meet the criterion that the voters want, on two occasions.
Really, because Terrence Wall — on two occasions, no less — lost popular elections, right here in Wisconsin. So according to his own reasoning, he's unqualified for the federal office he seeks. Indeed, Mr. Wall is "appalled" that his own self is even being considered.

Obviously it's a ridiculous thing for Terrence Wall to say for a number of reasons. Success in State elections is hardly any criteria to assess the qualifications of a federal judicial nominee. In fact Louis Butler has received the American Bar Association's highest rating, the same conferred on U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Furthermore within the jurisdiction covered by the Western District, Louis Butler actually won the election by more than 21,000 votes.

What's truly appalling is how Michael Gableman has been fighting tooth and nail since October, 2008 against charges he lied about a sitting Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.

[That's. Enough. Terrence. Wall. — ed.]


Zach W. said...

Nicely said.

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I think you mean "denouncing."

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I did. Merci.