February 17, 2010

Creationists sweep vote in Town of Addison

Prayer lifted candidate to fourth-place finish

Young Earth creationist public school board candidates David Weigand and Randy Marquardt challenged incumbents Kathy Van Eerden and Lynn Corazzi in the West Bend School District yesterday, forcing a virtual four-way split in a primary election.

The creationists each garnered 21% of the votes, while the incumbents drew 22% apiece. Of the 6,389 votes cast (19% of registered voters), Van Eerden and Corazzi won 1,386 and 1,379 respectively, while Marquardt and Weigand took 1,339 and 1,326.

The remaining votes were distributed among four other candidates — two of whom had previously withdrawn from the race — and a handful of write-ins. Yesterday's poll eliminates them from the running.

The primary election result means the four will compete for two seats on the school board on April 6. The creationists' strongest showing was in the suburban towns of Trenton, Polk, Jackson, and Addison, where the creationists shared equally in all eight of the ballots cast.

But the creationists managed to prevail in only two of the City of West Bend's eight precincts. Last month, the creationists said they favored teaching "Intelligent Design and [sic] Creationism" in West Bend schools "as an alternative to, or in addition to" evolution.

Claimed a top West Bend conservative flogger, "nobody but leftist reactionaries" were concerned about a public school board candidate's evidently serious assertion that, among other things, "the idea of 'millions of years' does not belong in the science classroom."

Reports of the candidate's placing an uppermost limit of 999,999 in school district multiplication tables were unconfirmed at press time.


Pete Gruett said...

Someone should familiarize the voters of West Bend with the idea of 'millions of dollars' which is what they'll spend losing the inevitable court case if these whack-jobs get their way.

Free Lunch said...

David Weigand and Randy Marquardt are spending most of their time trying to con voters into thinking that they can get better schools by spending less money. Their voters are hopelessly ignorant or deluded anyway.