February 8, 2010

More creationists in West Bend

Via Mpeterson, documenting the shenanigans of Mary Weigand, whose husband David Weigand currently aspires to a public school board position in West Bend, Wisconsin:
The "What’s the Evidence?" booth began five years ago when Weigand and a friend brought a PhD Biologist to the West Bend School District hoping that with his help the district would see that they were teaching information that was not scientifically sound.
This event was mentioned here recently. The individual Weigand "brought" to West Bend was apparently David Menton of Answers In Genesis fame and wouldn't you know it: David Menton is a liar.

Albeit a liar for Jesus, which makes it alright. It's funny, because isn't Satan the one who's more commonly said to be the deceiver?


Free Lunch said...

Yes, Menton is a liar, as are all of the science-rejecting creationists at Answers in Genesis. No doubt he is paid to tell such nonsense. His AIG CV tells us that he is a Lutheran, something unusual in these activist circles. Even though WELS rejects science when it comes to evolution and many LCMS folks do as well, they tend not to turn it into a political argument and, because of their long history of running their own schools, don't try to inflict their falsehoods on public schools.

Menton appears to belong to the CLC, a small church body that broke off from WELS when WELS was still affiliated with LCMS because WELS was too tolerant of LCMS 'liberalism'. I don't know if his anti-science activism is just personal or reflects a CLC-wide decision to publicly attack reality.

illusory tenant said...

Sounds like an Emo Philips joke.

Free Lunch said...

Yep, all good humor is based in reality.

As Emo Philips and the 'splitters' skit in Life of Brian show, the people at the far edge, left or right, aren't usually too dangerous because they often spend much more time fighting each other and purifying the movement than they do going after the system they disapprove of.