February 10, 2010

Another raving nutcase for Congress

[Obama] doesn't have any credibility since he's flip-flopping, you don't know where he stands. And John McCain actually have author campaign finance reform with Feingold, a Jew.
— Fox News "political analyst" Angela McGlowan
But of course, that's a relevant factor. If you're certifiable.


Once again proving the Framers' wisdom in limiting the House of Representatives to two-year terms: because it attracts the crazies.*

* Re, e.g., Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), the United States Senate only began actively soliciting crazies on April 8, 1913.

And another: America gambles against legendary Curse of YHWH


Anonymous said...

We should go back to the days when State legislatures appointed our Senators for Washington.

At least we had people interested in State government/rights that limited Federal government as intended by our founders.

illusory tenant said...

That's a good point. On the other hand what the likes of the McGlowans' "Tea Party" admirers tend to overlook is that the Constitutional Convention itself was assembled in large part based on alarm at contemporary Tea Party-style activists.

Anonymous said...

The convention I thought resolved the problem between the Federalist and the anti-Federalist.

The States did not want another Monarchical type government after getting rid of England.

They wanted a Federal government submissive to the States. That has changed since Senators have been elected.

Free Lunch said...

States have been weakened in a number of ways since the constitution was first put in place. They haven't been weakened enough. The senate is a useless appendage that is horribly unrepresentative. Why should only one-sixth of our population elect a majority of the Senate? Going back to legislative appointment won't fix the inherent unfairness of the Senate. It's time to abolish it or reform it substantially.

Grant said...

They wanted a Federal government submissive to the States

Illustrated by an S&M scene with Uncle Sam and a Moses-robed Roy Moore.