February 10, 2010

First Church of Palin, Scientist

I named my daughter Willow.
Isn't that granola enough for them?
It is unclear which studies Palin was referencing.

Referencing which Drudge Report headline, they mean.


Free Lunch said...

Unfortunately, the folks who have a vested financial interest in not making changes have done a good job getting their lies reported, not only by Fox News, but by news programs and networks. Christopher Buckley did a great job of laying out exactly how the anthropogenic climate change deniers work in Thank You for Smoking. Are our journalists that ignorant that they can be played with simple lies?

xoff said...

Palin is wrong when she says the goal is to stop development. As State Rep. Jim Ott (R-Mequon) explained at a recent hearing, the state climate change bill has only one goal: To make it colder in Wisconsin. Isn't it cold enough already, he asked. How much colder do you want it? (I am not making this up)