February 21, 2010

This has been tremendously tremendous*

Figure skating is nice and all, but why in the name of Danny Gallivan didn't the NBC network carry that hockey game? Je ne comprends pas.

* Actual play-by-play announcement.


Clutch said...


Canada dominated the game 5 on 5, but took one or two too many penalties.

The story was goaltending, anyhow -- and not all of the story was on one side. Miller played out of his mind, but even that wouldn't have saved the US if Brodeur hadn't been a complete bonehead.

illusory tenant said...

How did Brodeur let that one Rafalski goal in, he barely got the heel of his stick on it. Afterwards Miller said, 'We might meet these guys again, and they're gonna be mad.'

Clutch said...

I particularly liked the goal where Brodeur ended up 10 feet out the net, standing and watching while they tapped it in.

Nobody told him he didn't have to win the game -- just not lose the frickin thing.

Tom said...

Supposedly because of ratings.

Though I imagine the ratings would have been higher had they been on a channel other than MSNBC.

As someone who only gets the most basic of cable, I was quite miffed that I couldn't see the game in the comfort of my own home.

illusory tenant said...

Canada plays Germany today at 7:30 p.m. eastern time (with Brodeur warming the bench). I don't know that it's on teevee here at all.

Display Name said...

Is hockey the sport where they slide the thing on the ice? The little thing or the bigger thing?

illusory tenant said...

Come on now, don't play dumb.