February 15, 2010

Tomorrow's spin

Top Taliban in U.S. military custody

Conservatives: New York Times cover-up!
Liberals: Too bad it wasn't Dick Cheney.


grumps said...

These guys have more number twos than an Uno deck.

Ronald said...

Which is why we should just not eveen try to defend our country from them and let them and their ilk attack at will. Then you chowderheads wonder why conservatives say your soft on terrorists and defending our intersts. DUH!!!!

illusory tenant said...

Which is what who?

Free Lunch said...

Let's not confuse Taliban and al Qaeda. Sure, we've made claims about any number of al Qaeda seconds, some of whom were highly placed, but for Taliban, I don't recall any such claim previously.

The Taliban never attacked us, though they did give al Qaeda space to operate when they ran Afghanistan. I doubt many Afghanistanis think that Hamid Karzai is a great improvement for them over the Taliban.

If conservatives hadn't screwed up the war in Afghanistan and started a pointless war in Iraq, we wouldn't still have a war going on here, but, as Ronald knows, the government fails when the GOP is in charge.