February 24, 2010

Terrence Wall commits heresy on Christian teevee

GOP candidate disputes inerrancy of God-breathed Scripture

Republican real estate magnate Terrence "Nucular" Wall, who would like to unseat Russ Feingold in the United States Senate, recently ventured into the studios of WVCY, Milwaukee's fundamentalist Christian teevee channel, evidently unfamiliar with local doctrine.

Mr. Wall must have flipped host Jim Schneider's wig-hat when he suggested the Earth was billions of years old:
Schneider: The president is wanting to have the Congress and Senate pass legislation* that would deal with this topic of global warming. Where do you stand on that issue?

Wall: I'm highly skeptical. The fact that they changed it from global warming to now they're calling it climate change I think is a big clue that even they don't have confidence in their argument. You know, climate change. Well, of course. You know, the climate of the Earth has been changing for billions of years. I certainly hope it continues to change. I think we'd be all in trouble if it didn't change, especially if we got stuck in winter for all our lives, y'know. So I think that I am not at all believing one cent of this whole global warming thing.
As long as Terrence Wall remains situated in one place (e.g., Madison, WI) and the Earth doesn't stop revolving around the Sun he needn't worry too much about getting stuck in winter all his life.
And God said, Let the Earth bring forth ... the pumpkin.
Genesis 1:11 (JKV)
h/t Blogging BlueTube.

* An unprecedented tricameral accomplishment.


Display Name said...

So he believes in seasons but not climate change, but wouldn't like it if it was cold all the time? I think he secretly hates Wisconsin and wants to move to Los Angeles.

I quibble regarding Earth's seasons; the tilt is the reason for the seasons.

Free Lunch said...

AGW denialism is the big thing among the thinking-impaired. It takes no understanding of science or knowledge of human activity and tells the gas & oil and coal folks that you want their money.

Mark Neumann should switch his candidacy to US Senate. It's hard to believe I'm writing this, but he seems way more rational than the two running right now.