February 24, 2010

Terrence Wall ensnared in triple non sequitur

GOP candidate refuses to engage constituent on positron decay

Another tip o' the hat to Zach:
Caller: I heard Mr. Wall state that climate change has been going on for billions of years. This tells me that he is an evolutionist and not a creationist. Yet he claims to support the religion this nation was built upon. Is this not hypocritical of him?

Schneider: Okay, well I'll let him address that issue. [To Wall:] He's referring to your term, the use of the word "billions" when there are a number of creationists who say, well, we're closer to ten thousand years old as an Earth.

Wall: Okay, well I'm not going to get into an argument about the years, I just threw out a number. The Earth has been changing, that's the point. The Earth is changing, it's continuing to change, we're not gonna, you know, that's the fact. But God created the Earth and the universe and it's just that simple.
This guy is a hoot.

On teh web: Vostok ice core.


Free Lunch said...

The Pander Bear strikes again.

Of course Wall would be gutless on this, there's no way a Republican candidate in a primary is going to say that Young Earth Creationists are fools and ignoring reality.

John Jost said...

"The religion this nation was built upon" - I like to say this: use your PC to parse the Constitution, looking for the words God, Jesus, Christian, Heaven, Hell: zero count on all.

You called the man "nucular": is he one of those? I do remember Sarah Palin during the debates: she said "nucular" twice and, after hearing Joe Biden correctly say "nuclear", she used "nucular" two more times, which told me two things: she doesn't know and she can't learn.

illusory tenant said...

"[W]hen Hamilton was asked why the framers omitted the word God from the Constitution, he replied, 'We forgot.' One is tempted to reply that Alexander Hamilton never forgot anything important." -- Ron Chernow