December 7, 2009

Saudis join ranks of Inhofe, Palin

"It appears from the details of the [e-mail] scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change," said the kingdom's lead climate negotiator.
:facepalm:, :headdesk:, and so forth.

h/t Climate Progress.


Tom said...

Sure, because burning all that oil, releasing all that carbon stored beneath the surface of the earth for millions of years, isn't being done by humans.

illusory tenant said...

One of our local published conservative writers has understood for two weeks now that the "decline" of "hide the decline" fame was a reference to a decline in instrument-measured surface temperatures over the last decade.

And he's been going on about this nearly every day of those two weeks: 'observed temperatures are declining, and they've been trying to hide it.' Seriously.

Apparently he just discovered yesterday that it's a decline in the trajectory on a line chart measuring the sensitivity to changes in temperature among certain collections of northern hemisphere trees: the "divergence problem," whose significance has yet to be fully assessed.

I say, he discovered it yesterday, but it's unclear whether he knows what it means. He dismissed it as just "a subtlety" that he'd somehow overlooked. I'm not making this up.

Grant said...

Behold what a conservative writer is capable of, sans crack pipe.