December 23, 2009

Koschnick v. Prosser?

For now, it's just Koschnick v. Doyle:
[2009 Wisconsin Act 89] was signed into law on December 1, 2009 and will become fully effective December 1, 2010 prior to the filing dates for the next election for the Office of Justice.
Federal complaint (.pdf; 11 pgs.).

(The Western District is where Louis Butler is headed.)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you file a brief in support of Koschnick. It appears "The Act" is full of legislative mischief.

illusory tenant said...

That's not a bad idea, because I agree the Act is a constitutional morass, although I don't know what my injury might be. Far from being injured, I derive great entertainment from all of this.

Brett said...

If mischief = unconstitutionality, then perhaps there's lesser grounds to have Gableman booted off of cases.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what my injury might be."

You appear to be quite inventive and as a voter you may want candidates to have a fair playing field. Or, possibly a J. IT someday.

I also enjoyed reading the complaint, although, I do not think that's the entertainment you are having.

illusory tenant said...

It's a grim sort of entertainment.

possibly a J. IT someday.

I bet I'd be a good appellate judge. Unfortunately I'm too honest for politics.

illusory tenant said...

Tell you what, creepy anonymous stalker [01/05/10, 9:43 a.m., ISP address withheld], identify yourself if you expect your sanctimony to be engaged. In the meantime, I suggest following the example that others have set: overcome your demons and get on with your life.