December 15, 2009

Fair and balanced

You love me, you really, really love me!

From a writer at the Mail On Sunday, a London tabloid, who authored a glowing tribute to top climate denier Steve McIntyre, in a comment deposited at McIntyre's blog, Climate Audit:
I am honoured by the kind comments on my article. For the record: without Steve's brilliant work and this magnificent website, it could not have been written. May I also pay tribute to Ross McKitrick, who gave me several hours of his time on Thursday and helped clarify the issues in my mind.
Godspeed, you magnificent bastards!
I am not a scientist, but an open minded investigative journalist. I have not written on climate before.
Well, that's encouraging. It's a simple enough subject, and one that only interrelates about 57 separate scientific disciplines.

Steve McIntyre's followers had predictably gone head over heels swooning for the Mail On Sunday piece, which is comprised almost entirely of McIntyre and his colleague McKitrick's prejudices.

Several years ago, famed right-wing harridan Ann Coulter wrote a book called Godless, which contained a number of chapters on evolution. Her source for that information was William A. Dembski, one of the leading lights of "intelligent design" creationism.

Plus ├ža change, eh? As I mentioned some time ago, I have been pretty closely following the evolution vs. creationism "controversy" for more than ten years now. And for those of us that do, none of this current "Climategate" nonsense is in the least bit surprising.

It's the same old, same old quote-mining rubbish.

Earlier: McIntyre debunked.


Clutch said...

Tabloid writer and new-minted dendroclimatologist wrote: "... references to performing a ‘trick’ to ‘hide’ temperature decline..."

In general, when only two isolated words can actually be quoted, it's because nothing more extensive actually said what's attributed.

It's a trick to hide the meaning. And it's scumbaggery.

illusory tenant said...

'Twas evidently not among the issues McKitrick helped clarify.

Grant said...

In a just world, Seth Zlotocha wouldn't be toiling in the crap mines over at Tooth & Nail while these knobgobblers fiddle on the deck of HMS Press.

illusory tenant said...

I agree. Seth is a rational being in the finest Aristotelian tradition.