December 2, 2009

Doomsday for Global Warming

Er, it's coming, any minute now, just you wait. Oh yes.

"Climategate" continues to entertain. Witness this chappie, a certain Mr. James Delingpole, scribbling in the leading "Climategate" chronicler, the Daily Torygraph, who really has the goods:
Finally: Phil Jones, director of University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, and the scientist most heavily implicated in the Climategate scandal is to "stand aside" pending an "independent" investigation

A hasty damage limitation exercise prior to the whitewash which will eventually see him restored to his position?

Or a genuinely independent and thorough investigation into the greatest scientific scandal of the modern age?

We shall see.
That's it. And this bit of speculation and gossip merits the headline, Climategate: the AGW edifice begins to collapse.

In a breaking item today, Mr. Delingpole pointed convincingly to the front page of a London tabloid, the Daily Express. It showed Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, greeting a Beefeater in front of Buckingham Palace. Both wore furry hats, which means global warming is false.

The "scandal" is supposedly about science, yet nobody has discovered any fraudulent research presented by any climate scientist. None.

Indeed, the only questionable data manipulation has been perpetrated by the so-called denialists. Which is as expected.

Fear not, however, because local right-wing "think tank" the MacGyver Institute is on the case and turns up:
John C. Dowling, the University of Wisconsin's Senior University Legal Counsel, wrote, "According to the current Chair of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, there has been no correspondence concerning the Ph.D. granted to Patrick Michaels in 1979."

And: Grumps recalls when stolen e-mails were all the outrage. Funny how righteous theft is nowadays, when it doesn't involve Sarah Palin.

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Grant said...

I remember when the Downing Street Memo turned McIlheran's Weltanschauung upside down and he joined Code Pink. Good times.