December 27, 2009

Sheriff's tips for travelers

Before passing through airport security, always be sure to check your carry-on luggage for any loaded, .40 caliber handguns. Because you never know when you might have forgotten one.*

* Practitioner's Tip: Cite to Bice, Daniel, 12/27/09 ¶¶ 27-34 the next time opposing counsel or presiding judge scoffs at your client's story.


capper said...

"She is embarrassed about the situation and offered no excuse," Clarke said in his statement. "She apologized for the potential embarrassment to the agency and is willing to accept any discipline that I might hand down. I don't hear that from a lot of members when a bad outcome occurs. She learned a valuable lesson as to paying attention to detail."

And he should know what happens when you don't pay attention to detail, like open beer cans in the care of a drunk driver he is trying to help out of a snowbank.

capper said...

Doh! Should be in the car of a drunk driver...