December 1, 2009

That "smoking Climategate gun"

Funny stuff:
I have argued elsewhere that if you're going to falsify results, then
; Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!
isn't the sort of thing you'd stick in your code.

Instead of "VERY ARTIFICAL ... !!" they should've added a comment like "THIS CORRECTION IS PART OF OUR COMMIE PLOT TO RULE THE WORLD!!"

It would've made Raymond's job that much easier.

I can only imagine if these folks had stolen Einstein's scraps of paper when he worked at the Swiss patent office.

See, he crossed out that equation. It's on the paper, next to the coffee stain !!!

We demand the troof about the gravity !!!
Tim Lambert: Two plus two equals Commie plot.

Also, h/t Lambert:
"May I see it, your Lordship?" Scrotum asked. Monckton gestured at his desk, where the laptop showed the pink portcullis with entwined tutu and pith helmet that was the peer's favourite screensaver. Scrotum began to read ...
Mycroft Monckton makes mischief.

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