December 29, 2009

Picked a fine time to moderate comments, Lucille

Rick Esenberg, who has never moderated comments on his blog, suddenly decided to yesterday, so my calling last night's Bears overtime win over the Vikings remains in some Googlean limbo.

The larger point being, this Sunday's match-up between the Packers and the Cardinals is not as meaningless as the good professor avers, since the Cardinals are playing for a first-round playoff bye (pending yet another Vikings loss* and a Cowboys win against the Eagles).

* They've dropped three of their last four after going 10-1.

eta: The professor has more recently published a compendium of desperate mathematical rationalizations (I kid) here.

Truth be told, I was never much of a Green Bay Packers fan, although I will root for them nowadays since being welcomed here by the fine citizens of this great State.

Fuller truth be told, I don't pay as much attention to the sport as I used to, being something of an obsessive fanatic in earlier times.

Back then, the Vikings were my team and I had the great pleasure of meeting Ahmad Rashad a couple of years ago in Kohler (by chance; had I known ahead of time, I would have worn my #28 Vikings jersey, which I used to put on every Sunday [Ahmad Rashad said he was glad I wasn't wearing it, preferring not to cause a local disturbance]).

One of the ESPN commentators last night mentioned Don Coryell, former coach of the San Diego Chargers, which reminded me of possibly the greatest NFL game ever played, that between the Chargers and the Dolphins, January 2, 1982, "The Epic in Miami."

Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow (père), and a bottle of oxygen: Those were the days, younguns.

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